Learn to read sheet music by sight

NoteBrainer is an iOS app for learning to sight read. Great for kids and adults trying to learn how to read sheet music by sight. Just play for a minute or two each day and be amazed by how much improved your site reading becomes.

The app is super simple: see how many notes you can correctly identify within the time limit. Flash card training exercises are completely configurable for ablity covering all the main key signatures. Sounds ffrom a choice of multiple instruments help train your ear as well as sight.

Music teacher?

The app is an excellent companion for your students. The play history allows you to review how well and how often your students are practicing. Set them a challenge to beat their high score before the next lesson!


  • Full key signature coverage - choose how many to train with
  • Treble and bass clef - play both or either depending on your instrument
  • Quality instrument sounds - choose from piano, guitar, violin, viola, cello, harp, recorder, flute, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, sax, organ or even bagpipes!
  • Assistant modes to help learn notes
  • Key signature highlighting - indicates which keys in the key signature are valid to help gain signature familiarity
  • English and romantic solf├Ęge - C, D, E... or Do, Re, Mi... - you choose!
  • Sound only mode - see how many notes you can identify by sound only
  • Play history - view all your previous exercises, try to beat your high score
  • External midi keyboard - Use your piano or other midi instrument to play (see notes below)
  • Universal - works great on both your iPhone or iPad
  • Free - So why not send me some great feedback and improvement suggestions

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External midi support

You can connect your piano, keyboard or other midi device to NoteBrainer via midi. Your device or adaptor must be compatible with iOS. Beware that a lot of cheaper midi adaptors are not compatible with iOS. If it works with Garage Band then it should work with NoteBrainer.

Bluetooth midi is probably your best bet. If you need to connect via cable you may need the Apple USB Camera Adaptor as well as a Midi adaptor. For my set up I use the genuine Apple adaptor with the Roland UM-ONE mk2 USB-Midi converter.

Ensure your midi device works with Garage Band before trying it with NoteBrainer. There are reports that some devices must connect with GarageBand before they can be used in other apps.

Thanks to Kevin for the feature reaquest and comprehensive testing!


If you have any feedback, suggestions or improvements you would like to see in the app please do not hesitate to contact me via email or through the Facebook page. I am open to all and any ideas you might have and would love to hear how the app works for you.

Email: notebrainer@5point6.net
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/notebrainer

Privacy Policy

No personally identifiable information is captured, stored or transmitted by the application. If you have any queries please contact me at notebrainer@5point6.net